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I have been a psychotherapist and coach for over thirty years working with individuals, organisations and groups. I have developed a unique approach called The Pivot Point Program. This 6 session program enables clients to identify any stories they have got trapped in and change them. I use a range of psychotherapy and creative approaches to enable clients to build and enact new, more satisfying ways of living and relating. In this approach new stories are linked to new practices and actions. It is as much about action as talking. There is often an applied homework aspect to sessions followed by expert feedback.  

I am currently offering a 'booster set' of 6 sessions at a reduced rate of £1000. This is a saving of £200

(This will be particularly helpful if you are having to work out how to reposition your work, leadership, relationships or personal life)

1-1 Executive coaching


The pivot points program enables leaders to make the changes to enable them to pivot their business and personal lives.

This unique approach can unlock 


  • Self-confidence

  • Conflict resolution

  • Mindful leadership

  • Effective communication

  • Creative solutions to stuck problems


More information on sessions


Time: Sessions are usually 50 mins. There may also be some additional homework given

Number of sessions: After an initial assessment meeting, sessions are usually booked in blocks of 6 after which there is a review of progress. 

Cost: Fees are flexible. Currently starting at £200 per session or per hour for workshops. 

Location: Currently online

To find out more or book an initial appointment please get in touch below.

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