About André

Andre is a psychotherapist and coach who works with entrepreneurs, leaders and people facing change. Over the last thirty years he has worked with a wide range of clients including business owners, Harley Street and the Priory Hospital. 


His unique approach enables clients to rewrite their life story and create a new future. André draws on his experience as a therapist and actor to help people break out of stuck patterns. This approach can be used in relationships, business or personal life. He hosts the Pivot Points show on iTunes, Spotify and other platforms. In this popular podcast André speaks with celebrities and influencers about their breakthroughs and personal pivot points. André has published a book about addiction and several professional articles about therapy. His second book is due to be published in 2021. André has written for various print media including The Independent and The Metro as well as appearing on TV and radio as a psychological expert.


André is married to Zoe and has three children, all grown up and having their own adventures. He loves film, good food and playing guitar.