What my customers think:

“With great insight Andre is able to aid a person in separating out their thoughts in order to get to the heart of an issue. For any leader this is an essential process. He is superbly qualified but it is this insight that has the most impact. Thoroughly recommend.”

Carrie and David Grant – TV Presenters, Business Coaches

“Everybody needs to unpack their lives at certain points and Andre is a fantastic facilitator at this. His incredible CV speaks for itself. However, spending just a few minutes with the man he opens you up profoundly. He is an excellent listener, discerning and compassionate. I wouldn’t be the man I am today without Andre’s care and input.”

Stewart Bewley – Presentation Coach, Contractor for KPMG

“Andre uses a unique range of creative facilitation techniques in his workshops for business teams. He is particularly skilled at helping teams focus on tasks and on improving their working practices. I have found him to be highly experienced in coaching and mentoring leaders. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Andre.”

Martin Faux – Online Customer Engagement Consultant

“As career and life coach Andre’s exceptional perception and grasp of situations have been invaluable in drawing out potential and giving new direction. In a world of competing voices one of Andre’s greatest skills is helping others to clarify their own vision and discover the strength that they have within themselves to accomplish their dreams.”

Rob Cates – Freelance Vocal Coach, Choral Director, Teaching and Training Mentoring

”Andre has deep knowledge and experience of people. His analysis of their problems is thoughtful, sympathetic and creative. I have always been grateful for his input.”

Franklin Evans – Barrister