ARC Approach

The ARC approach has grown out of more than twenty years of helping people change. Over the years I realized that one big reason for people getting stuck in habits of addiction, stress or eating disorders was the way they saw themselves. So often people have a very limited or even distorted idea of who they are. Life can become unfocused, unclear and hard to navigate.

I came to see that people are much more likely to fall into stress, addiction or a bad relationship when they don’t know who they are. When people start to see themselves more clearly they start to change the story about who they are and what they can do. This is a change that transforms people emotionally, behaviourally, cognitively and spiritually. I have come to describe this change as rewriting the book of our lives.


The ARC approach is unique, effective and creative. It combines principles drawn from theatre, dramatherapy, systemic psychotherapy and life coaching to enable people to build and tell a new story and then live it out. The approach can be delivered via individual coaching, training packages or workshops.

A key element in this approach is the idea of moving from monologue to dialogue. People can get stuck in ways of relating to themselves and others whereby they constantly repeat unhelpful patterns. The ARC approach provides an effective process for helping people get unstuck and live life in a freer and more productive way. A key to permanent transformation is the development of new perspectives and ways of being. This entails a profound movement from stuck monologue to free and open dialogue. It is only through shifts in perspective that new narratives can be told and new narratives lead to new ways of living.